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Imagine the experience of a child being removed from their home, their family, possible siblings and their school. Volunteering with Clinton County CASA helps children get through difficult times. We are looking for ordinary people who are dedicated to helping children through extraordinary times. We are currently accepting applications for our first ever mixed county training cohort. Apply to join below! There are other ways you can learn about CASA below!

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Time commitment

8-10 hours a month

Training requirement

36 hours pre-service

Continuing Education

12 hours/year

casa volunteer

Will you be an advocate for the over 100 children in foster care in your county waiting? Apply today to be in our next training cohort.

coffee with casa

Want to learn more about CASA? Apply below to get coffee (in-person or virtually) with the CASA staff. Want us to speak to a club or org you are involved in? Apply below!

Join our mailing list

Want to remain IN THE KNOW of future volunteer opportunities or Clinton County CASA successes? Join our mailing list below. No spam, just quarterly updates!

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